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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I'm Glad I Was Vaccinated

In the way of cheery news in my neck of the woods, we received emails from our employer today with the subject line "Measles Prevention Measures."  NOT the most reassuring email to receive, particularly since it was sent because of a recent upswing in measles cases.  Also not reassuring was that they didn't really give us useful information on how to prevent getting measles at this given time.  Here is the first gem they gave us on measles prevention:

Regular immunization of children together with mass immunization campaigns are the basic preventive measures to protect public health from disease and mortality burden caused by measles.

Okay, so then what are we doing about the people on campus who were not immunized as children?  Wouldn't a mass immunization campaign have been a good idea some time ago?  Might it be useful now?  I know the students are subjected to mandatory medical checks, so those might be a good opportunity to ask about their immunization records.

Here is another piece of advice:

We strongly advise that block managers provide sanitizers and washing agents for room cleaning, and ensure regular airing of study rooms in the University and residence rooms (in dormitories).

I'm no expert on diseases but is airing out the rooms really effective?  Also, as many people have pointed out, not all the windows open readily, so this is not even advice that can be easily followed.

Many thanks to my parents for having me vaccinated as a child.  I wish everyone had that same opportunity.  You don't always know when you'll be exposed to certain diseases, and I'm glad to be as prepared as I can be.

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