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Friday, September 26, 2014

A Surprisingly Productive Afternoon

We've had our share of odd setbacks this week.  I forget which day it was, but I found myself suddenly unable to unlock our apartment door with my key.  Apparently, I bent it very slightly (but enough to render it unusable) with my superhuman strength.  Then, on Wednesday, our water was randomly cut off for a few hours, making all sorts of things difficult.

We partially made up for all of this today, though.  I had made an appointment at the clinic we're supposed to go to here, mostly to get some blood work done, but also to have a chance to scope out the clinic.  Scott came along with me, since he doesn't teach today.  I would say we accomplished three separate things there alone--we found out where the clinic was (about a half hour cab ride from our apartment), I got my blood drawn, and I filled out a health information sheet at the clinic.

We were planning to meet some friends at a Georgian restaurant later on, so we decided to stay downtown and run some errands.  We walked from the clinic to Artyum Bazaar where we proceeded to get extra apartment keys made (to replace my old key), get Scott a haircut, and buy a few groceries.

When we were done with all of that, we figured we had enough time to walk to the restaurant from Artyum Bazaar.  We were marveling at our good fortune in taking care of so many errands and getting exercise to boot.  We had a lovely time at the restaurant--the food was good, and we were celebrating having recently been paid for the first time.

The one small setback we were left with in the end was that one of the keys we had made doesn't work.  The other one does, though, so it's a setback I can live with.  I was so glad to have an afternoon in which I accomplished so many things.

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