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Friday, September 12, 2014

Shadow Patterns

Our building randomly lost power last night.  I haven't heard any reasons why.  I tend to think of power outages following severe storms, but maybe that is due to growing up in the southeastern US.  Given some of our other electrical issues, though, maybe I shouldn't be surprised.

There was a fair amount of light outside from street lights and crane lights, so we opened the curtains so that we could see enough around our apartment to get ready for bed.  There is interesting metalwork in geometric designs outside our windows which created terrific shadow patterns on our walls.  The picture I have doesn't really do it justice, but I wanted to post this anyway so I could remember it.

Oh, yeah, the power came back around midnight, when we were startled awake by all the lights coming back on.  :)

I hope this looks like more than just a black rectangle!

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