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Sunday, January 24, 2016

An Unusual--Though Not Unique!--Way of Injuring Myself

Scott and I took a road trip to Georgia today. While on this road trip, we had occasion to experience one of everyone's least favorite aspects of road trips--using a gas station restroom.  I've used enough not-terribly-pristine restrooms that general sketchiness (which this one had in abundance) doesn't usually bother me that much.  But his particular restroom had a twist that will forever set it apart in my mind:  Its toilet paper dispenser flew open very suddenly and hit me on the side of the head!  Needless to say, it was startling, and it actually hurt quite a bit, too.

I'm not up on specific vocabulary to describe toilet paper dispensers, but this one was a large plastic one with room to hold two large rolls of toilet paper.  It looked something like this one:

Image result for toilet paper dispensers
I was convinced that I'd had a truly unique experience, so when we got back in the car, I started doing internet searches on my phone to see if this had happened to anyone else.  (Can my phone still be referred to as a "smart phone" when I use it to conduct any type of searches that contain the phrase "toilet paper dispenser"?)  I found at least two stories about metal toilet paper dispensers coming apart or coming off the wall and resulting in serious injuries and lawsuits.  So, I guess I should feel lucky that the plastic TP dispenser only resulted in a bump on my head.

There is a school of thought that it is good to learn something new every day, but I think I could have done without today's lesson, such as it was.

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