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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Moving Milestone

We moved into our new apartment on Saturday, and today marks the first day since then that we've had all three meals in our apartment!  I even made a dessert and some granola to have with breakfast tomorrow.

The unpacking is easier this time than it was for our last apartment, which we moved into not even two months ago.  I already sorted our belongings and got rid of stuff in the last apartment.  Now, I just have to finish figuring out where to put things.  Every apartment layout is a little different, and I decided to order some shelves to keep order in a particularly cavernous closet.

The weirdest idiosyncrasies I've seen in this apartment so far are:
1.  A refrigerator with a missing crisper drawer.
2.  A shower with water pressure so strong that it actually blows the shower curtain around.
3.  A front-loading washing machine whose door won't close, causing us to be unable to do laundry at this time.

With luck, those will be resolved soon, and we'll have a more functional, if perhaps more boring, apartment.

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