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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Something I Don't See Every Day

When I went to the metro station on Tuesday to head home after work, I saw something unusual on the MARC train/freight train tracks.

This phone picture doesn't actually do the circus train justice.  It was very long--much longer than I could have captured with my phone's camera.  I haven't been to a circus since I was a little kid--and I have had no desire to go in many years--but I couldn't help but be curious about what was in all of these cars.  Was it all just equipment?  Or were the animals being transported this way?  How does the circus transport its animals, anyway, and what is it like for them to be cooped up for hours on end with no clear idea of their destination?

Whatever their motivation, I'm glad Ringling Bros. decided to discontinue their elephant acts.  I'd much rather see elephants (and lions, tigers, and whatever other animals have been used in the circus) being themselves and doing what they would do naturally than performing in a contrived way.  I hope retiring the elephants will be just the beginning, and that if years from now I see another circus train, I won't have to wonder if it's transporting animals.

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