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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Theodore Roosevelt Island

We've been trying to prioritize fun on the weekends recently, and last weekend, we made a trip to Theodore Roosevelt Island. Scott in particular had been curious about it since the last time we lived in the DC area.

Theodore Roosevelt Island is an island in the Potomac River.  There is parking off the island and a short walk on a bridge to get there; no cars or bikes are allowed on the island itself.  We currently don't have a car, so we took the metro to Rosslyn and walked a little extra from there.

It was peaceful to take a walk away from all the urban traffic.  There is a memorial to Theodore Roosevelt on the island, as well as some water fountains and a restroom, but otherwise, it was just nature trails.  There were some mulberry trees, but alas, the ripe berries were too high for anyone but the birds to reach.

I love DC's more mainstream tourist attractions, and never tire of seeing the monuments that everyone knows and recognizes, but sometimes it's fun to veer off the usual beaten path and do something different.  I would certainly go back.  It would be fun to see the island in all the seasons.

View from the island

I think the filigree-like pattern on the leaves is probably due to bugs munching on them, but it's still pretty.

Theodore Roosevelt!

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