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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Some Days I'm A Disaster

Yesterday, Scott and I flew to Burlington, Vermont!

In spite of my years of practice traveling by air, I did the following ditzy things yesterday, all of which I will chalk up to being tired and hungry:
1.  Almost took the wrong exit out of the National Airport Metro Station, which would have taken me to the wrong terminal in the airport.
2.  Whizzed past the arrivals and departures screens, only to realize that I didn't know which gate I needed to go to and have to double back.
3.  Failed to remove our boarding passes from my backpack until we were right at the security line and I realized I would need them.


I wasn't the only one who was a disaster yesterday morning, though.  TSA was also a disaster, though I think that's a more or less permanent condition with them.  My favorite part of going through security was the TSA agent who was crowing to the world at large about how we needed to put our laptops in a bin by themselves, even if that meant taking more than one bin, while failing to notice that our line had completely run out of bins.  OOPS!

Fortunately, Burlington, VT is not a disaster.  Check out the beautiful view!  And the water fountain shaped like a fish!

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