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Monday, August 17, 2015

A Pop Of Color

I have no talent at all for interior design.

Also, anyone who has visited any of the places I've lived (or worked with me and seen my desk, for that matter) knows very well that I am not the tidiest of people.

BUT...I still have opinions on the aesthetics of my surroundings.

One thing that bums me out about our apartment in Astana is the preponderance of beige, brown, and white, broken up only by rather garish prints on the walls.  I haven't really attempted to deal with this problem because (a) as I mentioned, I have no talent for interior design, and (b) I didn't want to spend time and money fixing up what is going to be a temporary home in the end.  Some of our colleagues have done a good job making the most of our bland looking furnishings; our apartment is personalized mainly by our piles of clutter.

Our apartment came with one set of white sheets.  We wanted to get another set of sheets, preferably in another color, but non-scratchy sheets proved elusive, and we gave up.  Over the summer, though, we visited our storage unit, and I decided to take a set of sheets out of there to bring back to Kazakhstan.  The sheets closest to the top of the precarious pile of stuff in the storage unit were blue.

Anyway, when we got back, I decided to put these blue sheets on our bed, and I was amazed at the difference a little bit of color makes in the room!  I think our bedroom already looks less dreary, which has probably improved my mood every so slightly.  I'll take any sort of mood improvement I can get in light of the early semester chaos we're dealing with right now.

I don't expect to develop any talent of interior design any time soon, but at least now I think I can understand why some people are so passionate about it.

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