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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Torpedo Melon

Does anyone know the name for this very tasty melon?  My melon vocabulary stops at cantaloupe, watermelon, and honeydew.

Central Asia is known for its melons, and we're taking advantage of the tail end of melon season now.  We were eating with some fellow expat friends the other night, and the subject of this type of melon came up.  I referred to it as a "torpedo melon" but then wasn't really sure why I did, other than its rather torpedo-like shape, of course.  Had someone told me it was called a torpedo melon?  Or did Scott or I come up with the term to distinguish it from the other melon (one that is fairly small and round with an orange rind) that is common here, but not common back home?

Anyway, I figured out why yesterday when I was ordering groceries.  The word torpedo factored in to the Google-translated version of our online grocery store's description of this kind of melon.  So the name torpedo melon has stuck, at least until I hear something I like better.

I ordered the one in the picture from the online grocery store this week.  It's pretty big--a great thing to not have to lug home from the store, in my opinion.  Unwieldy though it may be, we'll certainly enjoy it.  It'll be cold before we know it, and produce pickings will be slim, so I want to eat as much summer produce as I can.

Same torpedo melon as above, with my hand to give some idea of scale


  1. Hannah, is the flesh a pale green, It looks a abit like what we call a crenshaw melon here. I think the crenshaw also has other names. I do enjoy your blog.

    1. Hi, Aunt Zee! Our melon has a pale, sort of cream colored flesh with a tinge of orange near the seeds. I wonder if there might be different varieties of crenshaws, though, with different colors. Thanks for the idea!