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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hidden Benefit of an International Move

For the past few months, I've been giving out a standard spiel about our upcoming move, mostly to well-intentioned strangers.  It goes something like, "We've decided that the benefits of moving to Kazakhstan outweigh the drawbacks, blah, blah, blah."

Well, what I've been saying must actually be true because I'm already seeing a benefit of our move, and we haven't even gone anywhere yet!

Scott finally got rid of his puke-green blanket!!!

He acquired this wonderful blanket before we met.  We met nearly 12 years ago now, so that gives you an idea of the age of the blanket.  At some point after we moved in together, I not-so-affectionately nicknamed it "the puke-green blanket".  I wasn't really doing it justice, though, since it was actually a reversible blanket:  puke-green on one side, and puke-beige on the other.  It has been clashing merrily with the more tasteful other items on our bed throughout our marriage.

Had we been making a stateside move, I fear the blanket would have moved with us yet again.  But, we were faced with the options of (a) actually putting it in a box, filling out a customs form, and going to the post office; (b) taking up scarce luggage space with it; ( c) taking up scarce storage space with it; or (d) finally parting with it.  So, Scott finally decided to donate it to Goodwill, though he is mourning the loss of the blanket that was both a perfect weight and the last vestige of his bachelorhood.

Farewell, puke-green blanket.  May your next owner enjoy you even more than I did.

The puke-green blanket in all of its glory

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