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Saturday, July 12, 2014


We are at the point in the move of making decisions about all of our stuff.  It's amazing (or maybe horrifying) to see how much we've accumulated despite multiple moves over the years.  Anyway, today's project was going through a small chest of drawers that we're planning to sell soon.  This chest of drawers was home to all manner of papers, including things like bank statements, EOB's and coupons for oil changes from two addresses ago(!).  I wonder if anyone else has this paper-hoarding problem.

On the flip side, I found some papers I actually wanted, like letters from relatives and postcards from friends.  One thing I particularly enjoyed was a folder with various papers from my sophomore year in college.  I found several letters, a postcard, and two clipped comics!  If I remember correctly, my parents clipped and mailed me the Zits comic, and I clipped the Everyday Kid comic from my university's student paper.  I'm preserving them for posterity below.  Newspapers become fragile over time.  Plus, there's a chance that someone else in the world shares my unrefined sense of humor.

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  1. Hi Hannah, The next time you're in Rockville remind me to show you my 3 folders of comics, political and sage commentaries and humor - all on paper! I can't seem to part with any of it. And there's a new, pungent, Indian buffet in Travilah Square!