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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Pandemic Daze: A Uniquely COVID-Era Annoyance

 We took Stella to the vet a few days ago for her annual check-up and rabies shot.  This was our first time going to a new veterinary practice.  The one where we took our cats before we moved is an uncomfortably long distance from our new place, particularly for a cat who gets motion sick.  Plus, our favorite vet at that practice had moved on.

As is the case everywhere (well, at least in states that aren't encouraging a germ-swapping free-for-all), there were certain COVID protocols to abide by.  Among them were that I needed to call them when I arrived rather than just bringing Stella into the building, and that I needed to wear a mask (which I'm doing in public places anyway).  When they gave me the go-ahead to bring Stella in, it turned out they had the following additional procedures in place:

1.  Questioning pet owners about their recent health

2.  Giving me a disposable mask to put on on top of my cloth mask

3.  Checking my temperature before allowing me past the entryway

4.  Making me use their hand sanitizer (the icky foamy kind that leaves a lot of residue)

5.  Making me sit in a room down the hall from where they examined Stella, rendering me unable to try to comfort her as she yowled like a banshee

Then, after all of that, the vet came in to talk to me...and was wearing her mask under her nose.

Friday, April 9, 2021

I Live A Life Of Unparalleled Glamour

 I got to talk about skunk farts today at work.  

My job takes glamour to a whole new level!