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Monday, January 3, 2022

Christmas In NC 2021

 We got to spend Christmas in NC with my parents this year, which felt like a tremendous victory after last year, when nobody in my family felt safe getting together for the holiday.  Sadly, my sister was unable to join us, as she was dealing with a sick kitty at the time.  Scott and I wondered if it was wise for us to travel this year, what with the omicron variant wreaking havoc and with the two of us both working around a lot of people.  So far, nobody has gotten COVID (at last not a symptomatic case), so I'm hoping we made the right decision.  We certainly enjoyed our visit!

I forgot to bring my "real" camera this time and took some pictures with my phone.  I haven't fully gotten the hang of getting everything in the frame with my phone camera.  Also, when we went to the beach after Christmas, I often had to shoot blind because of the glare from the sun.  As a result, not all of my pictures turned out as well as I would have liked, but I got a few!

My parents' Christmas tree

One day at the beach, a lot of horseshoe crab shells washed up.  I hope this was just a fluke and nothing horrible is happening to horseshoe crabs!

Another unusual thing that washed up was this starfish that Scott found.  None of us could recall ever finding a starfish on the NC coast.  We weren't sure if it was alive or dead, so Scott put it back in the ocean.

Sunsets were among my most successful photos